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Biological Phenomena Mimic Astrophysical Principles Of Gravitation – Opening Perspective
Dr. Iresh Ranjan Bhattacharjee
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.611
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Ecotourism Development and its Economic Impacts on Local Population in India
Rema. R, Dr. N. Karunakaran
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.612
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The Effect Of Imagery Strategy On Learning Vocabulary Among Elementary Students Of Iran
Nazal Allahmoradi
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.613
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An Investigation Of The Relationship Between The Mother Tongue With Collectivism And Social Cooperation Among Ilamian Female Students In Ilam Universities
Ferdows Hashemi, Qasem Seydi
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.614
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Anthropoecology: The Ecological Ethics In Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
Prof Dr Avinash Y. Badgujar
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.615
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Investigating The Effect Of Textualization On Learning Vocabularies Among Iranian EFL Learners
Nazal Allahmoradi
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.616
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Professional Commitment Of Effective And Less Effective Secondary School Teachers In Kashmir.
Rayees Ahmad Dar
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.617
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Mergers And Acquisitions: Current Scenario And Emerging Trends In India
Sakshi Kapoor
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.618
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Motivation And Improving Learning Speaking Among High School Students In Language Institutions
Nazal Allahmoradi
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.619

Using Rasberry Pi 3 And Face Detection Method To Take The Attendance Of The Student In The Classroom And Other Security Purposes
Debopama Ghosh, Arkaprabha Lodh, Debosama Ghosh
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.6.620
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