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English Language Education in Pre and Post COVID Bangladesh: A Comparative Study
Md. Ziaul Karim, Md. Nesar Uddin, Sheikh Alauddin
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.9.6711
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Study Of Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Bicycle Under EPS AND LPS
Dr. Jay Prakash Verma, Rutik Ravindra Sakharkar, Dr. Riddhiman Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Kinshuk Seth, Prof. Shweta Borse
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.9.6712
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Engagement Of AI Based ChatBot, ChatGPT In Student Learning
Sayandeep Patra, Dr. Nilesh Kate, Prof. Akeel Rehman, Prof. Arvind Kumar
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.9.6713
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Role And Impact Of Small Scale Startups And Business Towards Development Of An Economy
Prateek Khanna, Dr. Nilesh Tejrao Kate, Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Prof. Ramkrishna Dikkatwar, Dr. Naresh B
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.9.6714
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Impact Of Technology On Agriculture: How Technology Change The Farmer’s Productivity And Their Life
Aman Yadav, Dr. Nilesh Kate, Dr. Amrita Sarwade, Dr. Vinay Nandre
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.9.6715
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The Use Of AI In Finance: Advantages, Disadvantages, And The Future Of Technology
Chinmay Deepak Khadikar, Dr. Nilesh Kate Sir, Dr. Ritesh Verma, Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2023.6.9.6716
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