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Past Issues

Assessment of Bark Eater Infestations and Its Management in Terminalia Arjuna, Primary Food Plant of Tasar Silkworm
J. Singh, Kishan Singh Rawat, Vishal Mittal, T. Pandiaraj, S. Kujur1, G. P Singh, Alok Sahay1
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1011
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Weather Based Forewarning of Pest and Disease: An Important Adaptation Strategies Under The Impact of Climate Change Scenario: A Brief Review
J. Singh, D.K.Das, S.Vennila, K.S. Rawat4
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1012
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Shakespeare and Superstition: A Study of how Shakespeare uses Superstition in Macbeth and Julius Caesar
Sheikh Alauddin
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1013
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Factors that Affect Potential Investors in case of Choosing the Optimal Investment from the Stream of Investment Alternatives: A Case Study on Bangladeshi Investors
Md Saddam Hossain Khan, Afsana Tajnin
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1014
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Measuring the Casual Relationship Between the HRM Practices and Organizational Performance in Selected Commercial Banks in Bangladesh
Md.Tuhin Hussain, Monzurul Islam Utsho
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1015
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Groundwater – Quartzite Area Study Using Square Array Method In Puthukottai, Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu, India.
A. Antony Ravindran, S. Muthusamy, G.M. Moorthy, J. Vinothkingston, P. Mohana
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1016
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Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds of a Western Himalayan Catchment Employing Morphological Derived Compound Index and Sediment Production Rate
G. Raina, S.S. Rawat, D. Khurana, P. Prashar, R. Sharma , P. G. Jose
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1017
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The Relationship Between Willingness to Communicate and Writing Proficiency of Iranian EFL Learners at The Upper– Intermediate and Advanced Levels
Sanaz Gholami, Reza Barzegar
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1018
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Qualities of Effective Teachers
Dr. Rayees Ahmad Dar
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1019
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Survey of the Spiritual Intelligence Among Post-Graduate Students of Kashmir With Respect to Gender and Locale
Jan Jahanger , Dr. Aneet Kumar
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1020
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IBN–Khaldun’s Perception of Education: Pre-Conditions and Excellence
Khursheed Ahmad Khanday
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1021
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Livestock Energy in Rural Environment: Case Study from Uttarakhand, India
Dr. Deepti Bisht , Dr Kishan Singh Rawat
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1022
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Analyzing Land Use and Land Cover and Socio Economic Changes in District Ananthnag Jammu and Kashmir Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Mohammad Suhail Meer, Anoop kumar Mishra
CrossRef DOI : 10.31426/ijamsr.2018.1.10.1023
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