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Special Issue

International Conference on Latest Trends in Engineering, Management, Humanities, Science & Technology (ICLTEMHST -2022) on 27th November, 2022, Guwahati, Assam, India.

ICLTEMHST /2022/C1122901-

Impact Of Employee Welfare Practices In Organization
Snehal Joshi

ICLTEMHST /2022/C1122905
Thorat Kalpana Vijaykumar

A Study Of Reflection Of Existentialism In Tennessee Williams’s Works
Neha Rani

A Study Of Language Policy In The Indian Educational System
Reeta K Ghorpade

A Study Of Emerging Media And Its Impact In Advertising
Sudeshna Mitra

A Study Of Healthcare Facilities In Dehradun
Shubhangi Jain

A Study Of Importance Of A Sound Solid Waste Management Program
Rony Hela

A Study Of Information And Communication Technology In The Schools Of Himachal Pradesh
Dina Nath

An Overview Of Medieval And Modern Education
Prosenjit Chakraborty

An Overview Of Medieval And Modern Education
Ajoe Antony

An Effect Of E-Commerce In Different Sectors Of Rural India
Asha B. N

ICLTEMHST /2022/C1122916
Kum Bharti Rajput

Impact Of GST On Retailing Sector
Nilayattingal Ancy Antony

ICLTEMHST /2022/C1122918
Rakesh Kumar

A Study Of Social Environment Of Banking Sector After Covid-19
Usha Rani

A Study Of Confirmation Of Positive Control For Listeria Monocytogenes
Dnyaneshwar Salunkhe

Pramod Kumar Pravin

Pramod Kumar Rai

A Study Of Polymer Classification Based On Mechanism Of Polymerization
Rajavarapu Sridhara Reddy

A Study Of Tracking-Cum-Fusion Of Image Centroid Using Srif And Srvd Algorithms
S Mahesh Reddy

A Study Of Machine Learning Forecasting For Business
Sivakrishna Kalluri

A Study Of Quality In Management Education In India
Syed Ahmed Moin Quadri

A Study Of Significance Of Training Activities On The Manufacturing Companies
Biju Toms K

A Study Of Professional Development Of Teachers Working In Higher Education Sector In India
Pranathi Y

Impact Of Mobile Phone On Human Health
Gautham K Vijayan

Impact Of Gender Inequality On Women’s Mental Health
Honey C. R

Sangita Kumari

A Study Of Mental Problems Faced By Elderly People
Shibu Joseph Perumpadapothiyil

A Study Of Financial Inclusion Policy In India
Rajib Mukhapadhyay

Shanti Mukta Barla

Role Of Teachers’ Sensitivity Towards Quality Education
Dontula Ramakrishna

Hasbun Nisha

A Study Of School Role In The Development Of Mental Health
Yelaka Raghunadha Reddy

A Study Of Scrutinizing The Influence Of Multiple Slip Effects On The Mhd Eyring-Powell Nanofluid Flow Flowing Over Thin Needle
Arindam Das

Training Effect On Physiological Variables In Basketball Players
Muramalla Bharath Kumar

A Study Of Applications Of Nanofluids To Humankind
Tapas Datta

A Study Of Methods And Approaches Employed For English Language Teaching In India
Ashok Kumar Chintha

Govind Kumar Rajbhar

A Study Of Parenting Stress In Mothers Of Children And Adolescents With Down Syndrome
KM Soni Yadav

Laxmi Kumari Bhagat

A Study Of Significance Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) In Healthcare
Madhu Ranjan Kumar

A Study Of Pharmacological Screening For Diabetic Nephropathy
Mohammad Rashid Ansari

Rai Rajeev Triloki

Effect Of Water Ph On The Stability Of Pesticides
S Srinivas

Shyamli Kumari

Analyzing Use Of Different Psychological Therapies For The Treatment Of Depression And Anxiety
Singh Kumud Sumant

Sohan Kumar Yadav

Effects Of Health Consciousness On Demand Of Wellness-Tourism
Vivek Kapre

Effects Of Health Consciousness On Demand Of Wellness-Tourism
Vivek Kapre

Effect Of Feed Materials On Biogas Generation
Amol Rameshrao Rode

A Study Of Improvement Of Communication In Cancer Patients
Moumita Nandy

Impact Of Heavy Metals On Fresh Water Fishes
Mukesh Dubey

An Attempt To Criticise The Concept Of Psychoanalysis
P Laxman

Impact Of Toxicological Environment On Fishes

A Study On Philosophy Of Education Of Ancient India
Vincy Thomas

A Study Of Automated Code Generation For High-Performance Open Cl From Python
Palyam Nata Sekhar

A Study Of Intelligence, Personality Influence On Secondary School Student Achievement
Chigicherla Muthyalappa

The Genetic Basis of Complex Traits in The Context of HIV Treatment
MD Masum Raja

Radiative Nickel Chromium Iron Alloy (Nimonic 80A) -Kerosene Nanofluid Flow Induced By An Expanding Sheet With Slip Factor: A Lie-Group Analysis
Arijit Mandal

Implication Of Exponential Space And Thermal Dependent Heat Source On Mhd Boundary Layer Bioconvective Casson Nanofluid Flow With Gyrotactic Microorganisms
Afsar Hossain Sarkar

Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization For Improved Robustness And Transparency In Image Water Marking
Joseph Deril K.S.

Congestion Control Techniques For Seamless Data Flow In High-Speed Networks
K Abdul Rasak

Critical Review On Salt Affected Soil With Special Reference To Water Environment
KM Pratima Priyadarshi

Nem Singh

Thomas Dainty Varghese

A Study of Usefulness of Library and Information Services Towards Universities
Sucheta Pattanayak

Impact Of Panchayati Raj System In Kerala
Krishna Mohan

A Study Of Customer Relationship Management In Banking Sector
Thakur Vrash Bhan

An Evolution Of Retailing Market In India
Vibhusheet Kanwar

A Study Of Employee Attrition In The Start-Up And MSME Sector
Shruthi Kunamalla

A Study Of Practice Of Total Quality Management (TQM) Approach In Indian Banking Sector

A Study Of Gender Discrimination Found In Higher Education
Jitendra Jha

A Study Of Workers’ Participation In Management – Origin And Growth
Divya Sanal


Effect Of Dopant Ions On Luminescence Properties
Sarita Kumari Satapathy

Impact Of Inclusive Education On Mild Intellectual Disability
Bijoy Jacob

Impact Of Classroom Management On Student
Jayakala M

A Study Of Academic Achievement Of Secondary School Students
Beena P J

Sulakhe Prakash Atmaram

A Study Of Effectiveness Of School Management At Primary School
Sundarlal M. K.

A Study Of Promotion Of The School Library Service In India
Baburaj G.N

Role Of Chemistry In Ayurvedic Medicine
Anjali Yadav

A Study On Special Considerations Of Donor Selection For Apheresis Donations
Suman Rani