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Special Issue

International Conference on New Trends in Engineering, Science, Humanities and Management (ICNTESHM -2021) on 28th November, 2021


Regional Trade Agreements in World and Asia: A Preamble
Srijanee Chattopadhyay, Dr. Manoj Parmar

Design and Development of Migration Impact
Barnali Mani, Dr. Kanchan Shrivastav, Dr. Sagar O. Manjare

Water Pollution by Dyes with Special Reference to Adsorption and Adsorbents
Rajeev Kumar Jha, Dr. Neelu Jain

Relevance of Engineering Profession in Modern Society
Anil Kumar Rahangdale , Dr. G.R. Avachar

A Study Of Corporate Governance And It’s Functioning In Companies
Anjali Pandey

A Study Of Environmental Education At The Secondary Level Students
Pranab Pramanik

Usefulness Of Software-Intensive Systems For Students In Present Times
K. Veera Prakash

A Study Of Psychological Variables In Mothers Of Intellectually Disabled Children

Impact Of Employee Welfare Practices In Organization
Snehal Joshi

A Study Of Reflection Of Existentialism In Tennessee Williams’s Works
Neha Rani

A Study Of Language Policy In The Indian Educational System
Reeta K Ghorpade

Thorat Kalpana Vijaykumar

An Overview Of Medieval And Modern Education
Prosenjit Chakraborty

A Study Of Healthcare Facilities In Dehradun
Shubhangi Jain

A Study Of Emerging Media And Its Impact In Advertising
Sudeshna Mitra

A Study Of Information And Communication Technology In The Schools Of Himachal Pradesh
Dina Nath

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar

A Study Of Importance Of A Sound Solid Waste Management Program
Rony Hela